Turbotastically Toneless
Yo, my name is Turbo, from the game Turbo Time. Haven't heard of me? Well that's your loss. Come and drop me a line some time, or better yet bring something to eat
M!A: none 



xkendoll sent:

My name is Ken, and I can, uh... well, I have a lot of talents, and one of them is building things! I build things all the time for my girlfriend, Barbie.

Are we still talking about cars? Because you keep bring up this “Barbie” chick and that name means nothing to me. You’re not the best salesman to ever try to sell me something I could easily do on my own

xkendoll sent:

Hi! Can I interest you in a new car? I need to make more money for my date with Barbie.

Depends on the car, and who exactly you are for that matter. 

and if it has a functioning schlond poofa

yeah i’ll be right over!!

Sweet, see you soon!

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nah. its been extremely quiet lately. none of the racers have said a word to me since I’ve been back so that’s good. Are you planning to do things soon?

I was going to go for a walk, but since it doesn’t seem like you’re busy you should meet me here and be can go play some soccer

that sounds nice, i’m jealous

it’s not nearly as nice as it sounds. sure in theory it seemed like such a great idea too… huh. 

Have you done anything to report lately?

have you been busy with things?

Yeah, eh well- I wouldn’t exactly call it busy, a better word would probably be “lazy” and instead of “with things” more like “sleeping on the couch with calming music”